About Us



We are a group of African American women (And a handful of men) entrepreneurs who have decided to launch a network of online black beauty supply stores, under this new platform called “Ebony Curls”.  We created this platform because there are not enough black-owned beauty supply stores offline, even though black women account for 85% of ALL hair product sales in the USA.  We believe we are “stronger together”.  So we decided to launch this unique platform “together” online.

We are much, much more than just another online (Or offline) store selling black hair products.  Our platform has partnered with thousands of other non-hair related businesses, in order to give our valued customers unbelievable deals, across multiple consumer goods.  So when you buy hair products on our website, you will qualify for huge discounts on your vacations, discounts in top restaurants, discounts on leading grocery goods AND MILLIONS OF FREE GOODS VIA OUR “EBONY POINTS” rewards program! 

Our “Ebony Points” loyalty program is (In our opinion) the best loyalty program of its kind in the world.  Not only do you receive $10 FREE for every $100 spent in our stores, but you can use those points to obtain FREE goods anywhere.  Which other loyalty program do you know that allows you to use your points, to obtain FREE products or services from ANY STORE OF YOUR CHOICE?  In addition to this, you can also redeem your points for CASH, paid straight into your PayPal account!  This type of loyalty program is unheard of, but our unique “Ebony Curls” platform has made this a reality

If you ever have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us via contact form, email or phone.  We have local phone numbers and offices at the 4 locations below:

(213) 344-3825 – Los Angeles
(347) 727-0273 – New York
(832) 925-4567  Texas 
(813) 321-3351 – Florida